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Top 10 Promising Women Entrepreneurs of Bangladesh to Thrive Country

Women entrepreneurs in Bangladesh are still on the rise, especially in the technology sector.

What is tech women’s entrepreneurship in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is a challenging place for women entrepreneurs working in various industries. But the mindset change, including financial literacy, is the key to empowering women’s entrepreneurship. Women are the key element or controller in the micro economy in the rural sector in Bangladesh. In this perspective, inspiring women are showing the way to the newbies.

 Technology is a digital space. Women aren’t binding themselves as a so-called Facebook-based women entrepreneurship. It indicates that women are raising their skills through the higher barrier to entering the traditional job market. So they generally prefer to enter their career as an entrepreneur. Moreover, if the journey begins with the technology industry, it is well appreciated & motivated now.

They’re improving their technical skills and leadership to build their career as a tech startup or tech entrepreneurship.

They are getting an education in computer science, electrical, and programming to develop their experience & knowledge.

Moreover, they have an attitude of brainstorming & work together to handle hundreds of women in similar categories or diversified backgrounds.

The government is keen & hopeful that the number of women will enhance this sector. Moreover, women are associated with various groups. 

 A group of extraordinary women who are changing the tech industry of Bangladesh. Up to now, ordinary women are now involved in the eCommerce sector.

The participation of women in the tech sector is very rare. But with the help of 

The impact of the covid-19 pandemic on women entrepreneurs was hard. The pandemic has also hit hard on women entrepreneurs in the tech industry.

Women are entrepreneurs and are developing more frontier technology to aid others in sustainability.

Few women are barely staying afloat. The stories of each women entrepreneur are completely different. the other development partners of Bangladesh are also working to create market opportunities for women entrepreneurs. It is a fantastic scenario of growing entrepreneurship in Bangladesh, especially for young women entrepreneurs.

Let’s have to check out our list of the top 10

1. Luna Shamsuddoha, Founder and Chairman, Dohatec New Media

 The first Bangladesh woman to head any state-owned bank- Janata bank limited. As a founder and president, she has established a great organization- Bangladesh Women in Technology (BWIT). She had also maintained contributions to other associations- a board member of the SME Foundation. For her tremendous contribution to society and e-governance, especially for empowering women, she got recognized at different national & international levels.

2. Farhana Rahman, CEO, and Chairperson Upload Yourself Systems Ltd

Under her leadership, she has developed some great products, VAT Management Software, Point of Sale for Departmental store, Point of sale for Restaurants, HR & Payroll Management Software. Initially started as a graphic design consultant after completing a graphic design & website development course. as a passion for with clients directly. She organized to start her own company, upload yourself systems, as a software & web-based solution-providing company.

Late she started another company, HealthPrior21 as a managing director. She performed a role- Senior Vice President, Vice President, 

Treasurer in Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS). She is one of the few successful entrepreneurs established in the IT industry.

3. Sonia Bashir Kabir, Managing Director, Microsoft, Bangladesh 

Bangladesh’s first female tech venture capitalist focuses on tech startups in emerging South Asian countries. Active with the tech community as an entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist.

Till now, she has had a successful 20-year journey. In the beginning, in Silicon Valley, she completed her BS & MBA. She worked for Tech giants Sun Microsystems & Oracle. Then she decided to relocate to Bangladesh and focus on building the local tech ecosystem. She served as Country Director of Dell Bangladesh, Business Development Director for Microsoft South East Asia New Markets, and Managing Director of Microsoft Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal, Bhutan & Laos before founding SBK Tech Ventures & SBK Foundation.

As a part of active participation in various fields, she played Volleyball and Cricket for Bangladesh Women’s National team. 

She is also the Founder of SBK Tech Ventures & SBK Foundation. Vice Chair UN Tech Bank for LDCs

4. Ivy Huq Russell  

She also plays a significant role as Young Global Leader – World Economic Forum. Moreover, She is also a mentor in Google Launchpad & Meta-Coach. She is enthusiastic about Healthtech & Femtech.

 Founder of Maya Apa- a revolutionary app about women’s healthcare & psychology. The main theme is to empower women from a socio-economic perspective from Bangladesh. Since launching, it has continuously crossed new milestones. She is motivated by financial analysis, Research, Creative Thinking, Commercial Mindfulness, Managing relationships, big data analysis, and NLP.

She started her carer as an Analyst – at HSBC Alternatives Investments, then Fund of Fund – Emerging Markets- GAM, Investment Counselor In Fisher Investments ·

5. Sadequa Rahman Sejuti, Founder, Amar Desh Amar Gram

 a company to promote farmers’ products directly into the consumer market. She also plays the secretary general role in the Bangladesh federation of women entrepreneurs. As a part of her leadership skills, she is also holding the position of Managing Director of FSB(Future Solution for Business)ltd

With a passion for changing the lifestyle of Bangladeshi people through e-commerce. She is very much proactive with young Bangla. Her initiatives towards information technology are priceless. 

It was unimaginable that rural farmers would directly join in eCommerce. With her vision, she tries to realign the bonding between rural grocery and urban consumers. Her model is ideal for those who want to work to improve this industry. Her ultimate goal is to improve rural lifestyle with increased daily income by introducing the county to a diversified range of organic fresh vegetables, fish, handmade products(handicrafts) & many more items.

6.Maliha M Quadir, Founding Managing Director, Shohoz. – Accidental Hiding: It is recover outlook data from ost file also possible for files to be accidentally hidden by the user. com

She always wanted to do something new and challenging for the country. A pioneer who has aligned technology with urban-rural people to make the daily journey easy, safe & insured in Bangladesh.

She started her career as a Head of the Web Portal – BRACNet Limited. As a continuous upgradation, she handled the role of Associate Director- Standard Chartered Bank, 

Director, Digital Products and Global Emerging Markets-Vistaprint ·, after gaining vast knowledge, she finally established a website to hassle down the daily human issues-

A new evolution came for the service sector through e-ticketing ( bus, train, launch) from with the hands of maliha. As a tech-savvy woman, she has been honored with the best ICT women entrepreneur award in, a leading business finance website. Every corner of society has praised her innovative technique of providing contemporary service. Till now, it is the most well-funded startup.

She has been recognized as a top female founder in the world. She is also a key person in presenting a good image in front of the world. According to her suggestion, the three must-have skills for young professionals or job seekers are- always feeling interested to learn, hard work(willing to prove yourself) & a long-term mindset to wards career growth (a career is more about money & also related to personal growth)

She has also been recognized for her tremendous contribution & effort towards society & women- the top female founders in the world for raising the highest amount for the country’s fastest-growing start-up.

She has an ambition of building a platform for everything necessary for people.

7.Taslima Miji(Founder & CEO, Techmania

Leather bag manufacturer, exporter, sustainable & fair trade entrepreneur of leather goods in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 

She was a writer and launched her first company in the technology hardware industry. She graduated with honors and a master’s at the University of Dhaka Sociology and finished a postgraduate in Media Studies at the Asian College of Journalism in Chennai.

In 2016, She started her business, Leatherina Pvt Ltd, to produce luxury leather bags, shoes, and promotional products for well-known companies and brands.

Later, she didn’t have to look behind. Rather her business has been exporting to Dutch designer brands since 2017. Her items are offered on our web platform under the brand name “Gootipa” for retail consumers and white labels.

She embarked on her entrepreneurial path to build an open, inclusive, and transparent leather goods industry. She also pledges to help Bangladesh’s fair-trade movement and promote the development of a sustainable fashion industry.

 A promising entrepreneur who talks about leather goods and sustainable design. She prioritizes not outsourcing leather products but using fabulous leather items from our expert hand.

8.Humaira Chowdhury –Frontier Technology( Co-Founder & Managing Director)

Experienced Managing Director with a demonstrated work history in the renewables and environment industry. Strong business development professional skilled in Nonprofit Organizations, Corporate Social Responsibility, Operations Management, Program Evaluation, and Bangladesh.

She is interested in discussing Bangladesh, water treatment, women entrepreneurs, wastewater treatment, and climate change mitigation. 

AddShe is currently playing a role in the Joint-Convenor SME Development Committee of the Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry. She is associated with providing safe and clean drinking water in Bangladesh. Her soft area goes to supporting SMEs that were hit hard by covid-19.

The world women’s leadership congress has awarded her various prestigious awards. She always emphasizes adopting the latest trends in the tech industry to move ahead. Her famous speech regarding women’s empowerment challenge through various situation

She is very careful about getting girls to choose stem education convocation.

She has a view about making stimulus loans collateral free for small businesses.

Alternative loan release processes are needed for small-scale businesses.

Upcoming youth Women tech entrepreneurs are becoming invincible by maintaining prospectus.

9.Tanha Zafreen( Meta4 Production)

 She is enthusiastic about the film industry, videography, and digital media production.  The identity of the Bangladesh federation of women entrepreneurs makes her a different one.

 Her career started as a post-graduate in filmmaking from the Asian Academy of Film and Television, New Delhi, India. Then she worked with respected ad filmmakers in Mumbai for three years. After then, she returned to Bangladesh. She managed an opportunity to work with several reputed directors, eventually establishing her own production house. Later on, she simultaneously produced and directed several television commercials, web commercials, docu-fictions, documentaries, TV fiction, and music videos for reputed brands and advertising agencies.

She prefers to introduce herself as a director and writer in meta4 production. She loves to merge her life with cinematography.

10.Samira Zuberi Himika(Team Engine)

A Serial Entrepreneur, Investor, and Artist. Her accessible areas are- Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Identity Management, Animation, Digital Services, FinTech, and HealthTech.

 She is very much careful about mental health care. She loves to balance daily work life with mental well-being. She emphasizes being aware and practicing some basic techniques every day. It’s all about ensuring a better mental and physical self. Loves to grow team culture, healing, mental health matters, and life coaching being united. Faulty or loose cables can lead to data corruption or how to recover permanently deleted files in windows vista loss. She stimulates her team members to vulnerabilities, strengths, and potential.

She holds a Senior Vice President position in the Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS)

She is also the Managing Director of GIGA TECH Limited. As she believes in women’s empowerment, she loves giving such a unique environment and the best opportunity to reflect her vision.

She actively participates in various girls, and women’s related functions like innovation boot camps to achieve SDG. As a leader, she loves to lift start-up’s journeys, opportunities & challenges in Bangladesh.

Many women tech owners are involved in exporting products or services. Thus earning foreign remittance. They are facing barriers like tariffs. 

I hope that there is a gradually developing ecosystem in our country focusing on women through the patronization of the highest authority of the government.

 Though the pandemic blows up most giant tech entrepreneurs, Bangladesh is no longer different. Also applicable to women tech entrepreneurs. But women entrepreneurs are overcoming this situation through strategic decision-making for their small businesses.

There is a huge potential for selling products or services if it fulfills the penned for pandemic-related products and adapting her business to producing pandemic essentials.

 Learning from corporate grooming can prove crucial in helping her build strategic plans and confidence.

Sustainability in the first phase is one of the crucial factors for rising.





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