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Sex & Relationships: 5 Dating Red Flags — Tagg Magazine

Truth be told — it may be a crude head out indeed there in lesbian matchmaking world. Therefore it is no wonder that when we happen on an individual who appears wonderful therefore discover attractive, we rush headlong into a relationship. Frequently we do that inspite of the bright red “Dater Beware” signs blinking before you.

In order to save you a little bit of time, difficulty and tragedy, we’ve developed this variety of five connection warning flags that becoming careful.

1. “I’M negative with RELATIONSHIPS”

People say that folks often inform us who they are immediately. We simply you should not constantly consider.

Just to illustrate: a lady I dated for eight years informed me during all of our first experience that she was actually “bad at interactions.” But blinded by her charisma, smile and indeed, good looks, I was deaf with the warning. A little naïve, I happened to ben’t actually yes exactly what “bad at interactions” designed; are not relationships one thing you just perform naturally?

Over the years we learned that, no less than within her situation, “bad at interactions” meant selfish, rigid and struggling to speak honestly. If all of our relationship had a tagline it might have study: Her means and/or freeway.

Sure, compromise has its own place in every union, however when concession is a one-way road you shortly end up tendering a taxing toll.

Warning flags: Rarely/never compromises on activity choices; expects that usually arrived at the woman; utilizes outrage to turn off sensitive and painful conversations.


Does your new love interest always seem to be embroiled in a number of kind of crisis? She isn’t speaking to the woman household, every discussion involves the most recent rumor circulating amongst the woman pals and she had been only put on a Performance Improvement Arrange at work because she are unable to frequently get along with co-workers.

Danger, Will Most Likely Robinson! If you don’t’re looking to earn a “finest Supporting character” prize within this crisis queen’s continuous production, escape period correct. If you do not should spend the remainder of lifetime (as well as simply the remaining portion of the week) entangled in petty squabbles, it is not the woman obtainable.

Red flags: Few/no buddies; has actually left/been release from one or more work considering “personality disputes;” subtly (or not-so-subtly) selections at your buddies; repeated disagreements/arguments into the very early phases with the relationship.


While i might never motivate one to be disingenuous when learning some body brand-new, absolutely an absolute range between sincerity and excess. Just in case your own potential romantic partner straight away turns out to be a veritable Old Faithful of private information, you may want to slowly back away from the threat.

As an example, let’s say you may well ask regarding your new possibility’s family. It’s perfectly ok for her to express, “I’m not really that near my children,” in that case. However, if she offers the entire details of every little family conflict — such as accusations of infidelity, dependency and/or punishment — she’s in breach of first-few-dates protocol.

Indeed, her honesty might be admirable, however, if she’s willing to discuss these sensitive and painful info with a total stranger at the outset she perfectly might have boundary issues. And obvious borders are necessary to good interactions. So that you carry out the math on this subject one.

If you decide to stay the program because of this prospective shape-shifter, go ahead and place a duplicate of “Co-Dependent no further” on your own Amazon Wish List.

Warning flags: Shares personal information on her existence acutely early in the partnership; demonstrates overly clingy conduct; starts stopping her own pals, interests, etc., to conform to yours; utilizes manipulation getting exactly what she wishes; severe envy.


It is likely that if you should be over the age of 16 you really have an ex. It’s likely that this may also be true of anyone you date. And throughout learning the other person past connections tend to be bound to arise from inside the talk.

However, if the brand new girlfriend peppers every discussion with, “Oh, that reminds me of times my ex …” or usually insists on changing the air station because “that tune reminds me personally of my ex” or, worse, tears upwards when discussing her ex, you might have caught their only an early bit too soon inside the recovery process.

Unfortunately, people just don’t can be by yourself for lengthy. Consequently, they bounce from connection into another, typically ahead of the psychological storm from past hookup provides calmed.

If your intent is always to act as the psychological equivalent of FEMA, providing post-disaster convenience and relief, next you should mobilize for the scene. But if you are considering something a bit more long-term, you may find it’s little fun being Ms. today without Ms. Appropriate.

Warning flags: Appears very mental when discussing the ex; habitually discusses the ex, attaching in sources to her in several circumstances; makes comparisons between you and the ex.


As a hopeless intimate using my very own less than amazing connection with cash, I’d become final a person to declare that someone’s banking account serve as a litmus examination for love. That said, no-one would like to be used advantageous asset of financially, appropriate? And assuming the character of fiscal authority figure into the connection isn’t really exactly a turn on either. Therefore to avoid the grasp of gold-diggers or getting mother or father to a fiscal baby, end up being excited to early money-related warning signs.

Naturally, situations wont often be 50/50; there could be a significant income space between you and your possible spouse which renders it impossible on her behalf to go back the favor of lavish dinners out. However if she is all “take” without any “give” or swiftly shifts from appreciative to expectant of your own generosity, you’ll start to feel similar to an ATM than a girlfriend.

No, she doesn’t need to complement you dollar for dollar, however your picking right up the supper loss could be reciprocated by the woman ponying up for Starbucks at some point. The magnificent rose shipment can be countered by an equally innovative but less expensive motion.

Basically, when it comes to money things trust the gut. When it feels like it’s prematurily . on her are requesting for a loan, it most likely is actually. Whenever you are feeling like you’re used, you almost certainly tend to be.

Red flags: movements from just one financial meltdown into another; never proposes to pick up the case; “forgets” the woman purse/wallet on multiple occasion; requires to borrow money early for the commitment; hints which’d create good monetary feeling on her to move around overnight.


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